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Bracelets & Earrings

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Sold pieces can be duplicated or a similar piece created.

Product #4210
Sterling silver Viking chain bracelet with glass beads

Product #4218
Freshwater pearls and amethyst bracelet on sterling silver chain

Product #4568
Turquoise bracelet with silver beads and sterling silver clasp

Product #5028
Leopardskin jasper stone bracelet with antiqued copper

Product #5030
Smokey quartz and leopardskin jasper stones with copper and sterling silver

Product #5031
Leopardskin jasper bracelet with brass and copper

Product #5373
Sterling silver bracelet with freshwater pearl, sterling silver and shell drops

Product #5374
Jasper stone bracelet with Kazuri beads from Kenya, freshwater pearls and brass drops

Product #4234
Sterling silver and paua shell bracelet

Product #2758
Brass hoop bracelet with Ethiopian brass dangle

Product #5038
Silver-plated Viking chain with sterling clasp and labradorite drops

Product #5323
Ethiopian trade beads, sodalite and base metal chain

Product #5324
Smoky quartz, carved jade, carnelian and glass bracelet

Product #1763
Sterling silver Karen Hill Tribe bead bracelet

Product #1882
Sterling chain with Hill Tribe sterling bead

Product #5382
Viking chain with blackstone clasp

Product #5383
Jade bead with gold chain bracelet

Product #2635
Hill Tribe sterling silver earrings with onyx

Product #3266
Onyx and sterling silver earrings

Product #3319
Freshwater and glass pearl earrings with sterling silver hooks

Product #3495
Silver starfish earrings with sterling silver hooks

Product #4231
Freshwater pearl earrings with gold filled hooks

Product #4294
Brushed gold plated on sterling silver earrings with turquoise beads

Product #5366
Hammered brass/turquoise earrings with gold filled hoops

Product #4306
Peridot Swarovski crystal earrings with gold-illed hooks

Product #5376
BC jade with 1947 train tokens from India

Product #5002
Gold starfish earrings with labradorite drops

Product #5370
Carnelian with stamped brass

Product #6099
Electroplated sterling silver leaves with freshwater pearls

Product #5309
Turquoise and antiqued metal

Product #4498
Antiqued sterling silver stud earrings with freshwater pearls

Product #4503
Freshwater pearl earrings with sterling silver sand dollars and hooks

Product #4512
Carved African seed pods with Swarovski crystals on fine antiqued copper chain

Product #4517
Tibetan silver and amber earrings

Product #4536
Jade earrings with filigree dangles on gold-filled hooks

Product #4618
Brushed sterling silver earrings with freshwater pearls

Product #4619
Hammered brass earrings with Asian coin dangle

Product #1710
Gold filled ear wires with Tibetan gold-washed beads

Product #2505
Sterling chain with Hill Tribe sterling bead

Product #5390
Crystal pearls with labradorite set in matte gold bead cap

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